Product Name : Automatic Double Ended Circular Sawing With Vertical Machine
Product No : CK-424AR-CK-624ART-CK-824ART
  • The picture shown is an automatic model.
  • Sawblades and molder cutters are equipped at both ends providing trimming, size cutting, molding and tenoning operations-all quickly done in a single pass.
  • Standard models provide 4~8 feet length capacity to choose from. A custom model with over 8 feet capacity is available.
  • Separately mounted control box allows for moving into any position as desired.
  • Foot switch facilitates operational control. Feed speed is micro adjusted.
  • Sawblades, cutting tools, automatic workpiece outfeed and manually operated air clamp cylinder are optional equipment.
  • Two rails configuration for models with over 4 feet cutting length increases cutting stability and accuracy.
Processing Length 230~1220mm 500~1850mm 500~2440mm
Processing Width  580mm
Sawblade diameter(Optional) 10"~14"(φ25.4mm)
Tilting degree of sawblade and moulding spindle 360°
Turning speed of circular sawing blade 3000~3300R.P.M, 50~60Hz
No. of rails 1set 2set 2set
Motor of circular sawing blade 2HPx2 ( 3HP / 5HP )
Vertical shaft motor 3HPx2 ( 5HP / 7.5HP )
Diameter of vertical shaft φ30mm(Standard specification)
Turning speed vertical shaft 6600~7200R.P.M. 50~60Hz
N.w. / G.w. 700/850kg 950/1150kg 1100/1300kg
Machine size(L*W*H) 2230x1920x1200mm 2950x1920x1200mm 3450x1920x1200mm
Shipping size(L*W*H) 2060x950x1400mm 2820x1100x1400mm 3500x1100x1400mm
Optional: Automatic Workpiece Outfeed Device