Planet Blue SPB8-1213 Model CNC Router Machine

Planet Blue SPB8-1213

Compact-type that does not need the big space
Completely dust-free structure
Dust collecting function with the spindle
Flash function
Pressure balancing function
Rotating brush cleaning function
Energy Savings and Powerful spindle
Adopted closed-type ATC magazine
Angle head C-axis function (optional)
stroke X Axis Stroke (table back & forward) 1,300mm
Y Axis (Spindle left & right ) 1,200mm
Z Axis (Spindle Up & Down ) 400mm
C Axis Aggregate Turning 0~360° ※OP.
Table Table Size 1,300×1,200mm
Table Surface T-slot (Vacuum combined) table
Spindle Nose to Table Top 520mm
Spindle Output 11/15kw (continuously/15min. Constant)
Speed 100~20,000min-1
Spindle Nose BT30
ATC Unit Tool Change System Fix Address Random
Tool Type BT30 MAS-Ⅱ
Tool Storage 16
Tool Max. Dia. φ80
Tool Max. weight 3kg
Feed Rates Rapid Traverse X,Y:40,000mm/min Z:20,000mm/min
Cutting Feed X,Y:1~40,000mm/min Z:1~20,000mm/min
Vacuum Vacuum 5.5kw
Control CNC System FANUC OiMF Simultaneous 3 Axis Control
Utility Input Voltage 34kw
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Size Floor Space Width×Length×Height=3,100×2,950×2,800mm
Machine Weight Approx. 5,000kg
※Specifications are subject to change without prior notice
CNC SystemSHODA-FANUC Series 0i-M
System Spec. Control Axes 3 Axes (Plus C axis: 4 axes)
Simultaneously Controlled axes 3 Axes
Axis name X, Y, Z, U ※OP:C
Increment system 0.001mm 0.001deg
Increment traverse rate 0.001mm 0.001deg
External Interface Function Reader/puncher interface
Memory Card Interface CF card Correspondence
Display 8.4 color TFT LCD
CNC Functions Rapid Positioning Backlash compensation
Helical interpolation Exact stop
Sub-program call (10 folds nested) Automatic reference point return
Automatic acceleration/ deceleration Workpiece coordinate system 48-pairs
Number of the registerable programs (400) plane selection
Tool position offset Jog override
Mirror Image Machine Lock
Pitch error compensation Tool length offset
Exact stop mode Dwell
Absolute/ incremental Option block skip
Coordinate system setting Alarm history display
Circular interpolation by R Programming Cutting Feed Override
Rabid Feed Override Auxiliary function lock
Dry run Part program storage size (512KB)
Tool diameter offset Custom macro
※Specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Applications and materials
Aircraft parts
CFRP parts
Auto parts
Building materials
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