Shoda NC163U Modeling 5-Axis CNC Machines


With 5 axes control, It is possible to machine any shape.
To minimize thermal growth, and obtain a smooth surface the machine is equipped with a SHODA manufactured, oil chilled, 11kw AC spindle.
This model adopts a 4-guide way Z-axis design for extra rigidity and accuracy, having 1,000mm stroke
Technical Specifications
Spindle AC spindle in a universal head
11kw motor 100~12,000min-1
Table size, mm 6,500*2,300 with T-slots
ATC MAS BT40, 16 stations in a carousel magazine
CNC Control Unit 5 axes simultaneous
Strokes, mm X 6,500
Y 3,400
Z 1,000
B ±110°
C ±180°
Modeling Machines
Applications and materials
Models for automobile and parts
Foaming mold for castings
Resin mold
Prototype / design model
Press jig for inspection
FRP type