PTM-5000U model SHODA CNC router for secondary process after vacuum forming


This SHODA CNC router has the power necessary for the second processes of the vacuum plastic forming procedures.
The normally complicated 3 axes plus turning / slant functions are easy to process.
The 600mm Z-axis stroke is sufficiently high enough to process many resins and plastic molds.
Flush collecting, boring, and nothing are performed as automatic applications.
Technical Specifications
Spindle High frequency spindle
Universal head
3.5kw 3,000~18,000min-1
Table size,mm 1,000×1,000
ATC MAS BT30, 8-station carousel type magazine
CNC control unit 5 axes simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 1,200
Y 1,600
Z 600
B ±90°
C ±180°
※ 3.5kw is the largest spindle motor available on this model